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With a professional grooming table, all difficulties concerning grooming a dog are a thing of the past. Dogs do not like to be pinned down and can easily run away in an unobserved moment. The grooming tables of Wesseling BV offer a solution by granting you more grip on any dog thanks to the anti-slip top layer. Furthermore, adjust the height of the table by means off a hand or foot switch while retaining stability, thanks to the individually extendable legs.

Grooming on a stable platform

Our grooming tables are available in various models with different features:

  • electrically adjustable;

  • with a central braking system;

  • single-braced or double-braced.

One of the most important aspects of grooming a dog is a stable surface. Without a reliable grooming table, it is hard to guarantee the dog’s safety and even harder to do your job well. Due to the anti-slip layer, the dog is not very likely to fall of the table. Furthermore, the tabletop is available in different sizes, so you always have enough freedom of movement to examine and treat your animal patient. The generously sized bottom frame and extendable legs add to the solidity of your grooming table, even on unequal floors. If you want more security, you can choose for extra anti-slip caps. Choose for a double-braced table for optimal stability. Our single-braced tables have the advantage of not diverting when moving the surface up and down.

Mobile grooming table adjustable in height

Certain grooming tables in our extensive offer are available with or without wheels. Due to the central braking system, the front and rear brakes are connected, which makes it possible to stop all wheels simultaneously. In that way, transporting the table becomes a simple task. Besides, the height of all our tables is adjustable with an electric switch, thus making it easy to decide the perfect position for grooming the dog.

Extensive offer of reliable grooming tables

You can choose from a wide range of reliable grooming tables. Choose the Stabilo Original if you are looking for a rigid table that is reliable and user friendly. The Stabilo Compact does not take up a lot of space, but offers the same professional quality as the other models. The Stabilo Super and Elite offer just that extra bit of security and support. Do you miss any specifications that will make your grooming table perfect for in your own grooming salon or veterinary office? Let Wesseling BV customize your table. Contact us for more information.