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Echo tables

Echo tables are comfortable and stable, providing an efficient way to produce an echocardiogram. Because of the cut-out, you can easily make an ultrasound or ECG. When this cut-out is not needed, you can fill it up with a plug. Make sure that your patient is lying in an agreeable position by adjusting the head-section and back-section. Choose whether you want your patient to be in a lying or sitting position and adjust the individual sections until you have found the right posture.

Electrically adjustable echocardiography tables

Our echocardiography tables can be equipped with wheels, making it easy to transport them to a different room if necessary. Due to the central braking system, you do not need to worry about bringing the table to a halt: all wheels can be stopped simultaneously. Furthermore, we think it is very important that your client feels at ease during the examination. That is why the height of the echocardiography table is simply adjustable to the preferable height. Decide, together with your patient, what position suits best and use the hand or foot switch to change the height. Because the echo table consists of individual parts, you are also able to adjust the table hydraulically in any desired position. Make use of the foot pedals, while the client just remains seated.

Stable examination table for echocardiography

We offer examination tables for echocardiography in two different models:

These rigid models offer stability and security to your client and make examinations a lot easier and safer. The twin hinges and the wide lower-frame of the Eco 2 make this couch very solid and therefore a valuable addition to your doctor’s office. The adjustable feet make sure that the table is stable as well, even when adjusting the two individual parts in a different position. The Optimus 3 consists of three separate parts, making the possible positions even more numerous. This echo table has stable feet and adjustable legs as well. When you need to move the table to another spot, you can equip it with wheels.

Hygienic echo tables Wesseling

Our echocardiography tables are made in cooperation with specialists, such as doctors, hospitals and therapists. Looking for share sparts for echo tables? In this way, you know that you are choosing for quality and professionality when you purchase one of our echo tables. Besides, our tables meet all sanitary demands, because they are upholstered seamlessly. This makes the cleaning process run a lot smoother. Moreover, the lying surface is flat and has rounded corners, which makes the examination a comfortable experience for your clients. Are you curious about the possibilities concerning our echocardiography tables? Or do you want to buy a custom-made echo table? Contact us for more information.