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Treatment tables

Wesseling BV has a very extensive program of treatment tables and examination tables. All product data, specifications and properties can be found on the product page. If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  

Treatment tables

A professional examination table offers comfort and stability in every medical practice. Find the right table for every doctor’s office at Wesseling BV, completely adapted to the needs of your patient. Our electric treatment tables are easily adjustable in height and position. Furthermore, they are available in different colours.

Professional tables for medical treatment

Do you want to buy a suitable treatment table or examination couch for your doctor’s office? Our treatment tables guarantee quality, because of the expertise of our specialists, and sustainability, due to the durable materials. We work in cooperation with hospitals, doctors and physical therapists. We offer amongst other things:

Pick from a broad range of single-section tables, multi-section tables and tilt tables. Tilt tables can be used for a so-called tilt table test to find out the causes of dizziness and faintings. Multi-section tables offer your patient the opportunity to take various postures and decide for themselves what the most suitable position is. Besides, the adjustable sections make your own therapy sessions more productive, because you can change the position without any difficulty.

Treatment tables made to measure

Treatment tables for physical therapists see to relaxation, pain enlightenment and a better blood circulation. To bring about a lasting result, all tables are custom-made. Decide how wide the table must be and if you want an additional cut-out or inserted plug. Cut-outs make surgical treatments a lot easier. Besides, we work in cooperation with diverse physical therapists and hospitals, in order that you are assured of a professional working method. Use our tables as examination table to look into the grievances of your patient and think up a method that works most effectively for your client.

Adjustable medical treatment tables

A professional medical table should meet certain demands in order to be successful. It has to contribute to the ergonomy of your client and create a comfortable sitting or lying surface on which he or she can do his or her exercises. Besides, the treatment table should be electrically adjustable with the help of a manual switch or a foot switch in order that you can create a personal working method. Hygiene is important as well. That is why our adjustable treatment tables are upholstered seamlessly, as a result of which there are no seamed edges that could complicate the cleaning process.

Bobath therapy tables

Bobath therapy focuses on the treatment of neurological problems, which frequently cause motoric problems. Bobath therapy tables should be stable to provide the necessary support to the client. That is why our tables have an extra wide bottom frame and a flat lying surface with rounded corners, which makes the revalidation of patients with a neurological illness easier.

Professional plaster tables

Our plaster tables are entirely adapted to the latest quality criteria, so you are guaranteed of professionality. The standard lifting pole of our tables moves along when the height gets adjusted. Furthermore, they have a very strong frame. If you want something a bit more compact, you can buy our examination table with adjustable back part and individually adjustable leg parts. Choose from an extensive supply of treatment tables and examination tables.