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Medical treatment chair

A medical treatment chair should see to the specific needs of patients in all kinds of branches, from ontological to therapeutic purposes. That is why the treatment chairs of Wesseling BV offer high stability and safety in each position and every medical practice. Adjust the position according to your patient’s needs and make sure that he or she feels at ease. Make long-lasting treatments bearable by offering your clients enough comfort thanks to the soft, pre-shaped foam armrests and smooth sitting surface.

Reliable medical chairs

Our medical treatment chairs can be used in different offices and hospitals as:

Adjust the chair’s position automatically with the key on the hand control unit to make sure that the patient lies or sits in an agreeable position. In the meantime, you do not have to worry about your patient’s safety, because all medical treatment chairs are secured against overturning and certified by TÜV. Because of our cooperation with various specialists, such as hospitals, doctors and physical therapists, we guarantee professional quality. Choose between three different, reliable lines, produced by Likamed: the treatment chairs Sensa Flex, Salsa and Sensa. The Sensa Flex chairs have been developed for the specific needs in ontological day-care hospitals and infusion and transfusion medicine. The models of Salsa offer patient comfort, ergonomics and safety in every situation.

Medical chair for treatment and therapy

Every medical practice asks for different equipment. What aspects are vital when looking for a therapy chair?

  • comfort: of course, your patient should be at ease during the treatment or therapy session. A leather therapy chair is the perfect solution. The material provides comfort and is sturdy, making it perfect for a medical treatment or massage therapy chair;
  • adjustability: to make sure that you can effectively treat your patient, your therapy or treatment chair should be adjustable in height and position. It can also be interesting to look for a portable therapy chair when you want to take your chair with you to a patient or demonstration;
  • wheels: wheels make you more flexible during treatment or therapy sessions. A treatment chair with wheels enables you to move the patient easily to the right spot;
  • foot and head support: a medical treatment chair needs proper head and foot support to make sure your patient stays in the right position. Support for head, neck and spine is very important, just as a footrest to ensure your patient’s stability.

Patient-friendly therapy chairs

A therapy chair needs to be patient-friendly to guarantee the patient’s comfort. That is why our chairs have a low seat height, which makes it possible for the client to hop on the chair without difficulty. The advantageous foot part and seat inclination only add to the well-being of your patient. Make the experience even more agreeable by choosing for additional options, like relax cushions or different armrests. All medical treatment chairs are equipped with wheels and can thus easily be transported to another room, without disrupting the patient’s comfort.

Medical chairs adjustable in height Wesseling

The great advantage of our professional medical chairs is that they are electrically and hydraulically adjustable. Choose for a treatment chair that consists of two or three parts and adjust the different sections individually. A great many positions are possible, such as the Trendelenburg and the Reverse Trendelenburg position. Are you looking for a medical chair in a specific colour? Choose from a wide range of colours to make sure that your chair is completely adapted to your office. Contact us for more information or request a quotation.