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Height adjustable 3 sections

A three-section adjustable treatment table offers a lot of advantages for your medical clinic or hospital. The possible stands are endless, as a result of which you easily put your client in the best position. Due to the thick, comfortable padding of 50 mm and the stable lying surface with rounded corners, your client will immediately feel at ease in your practice, no matter what treatment he or she has to undergo.

All-round treatment table with stable frame

A three-section treatment table is employable in a lot of different practices as:

All our tables are provided with extendable leg caps and a broad bottom frame. This makes them very stable and rigid. Choose the Rock 3 if you are looking for a very strong treatment table. Like the name implies, this table is extremely solid, because it is provided with two motors. These motors make sure that adjusting the individual parts is a smooth and easy task.

Treatment table for physical therapy

Our examination tables are electrically as well as hydraulically adjustable in height and position. For example, put the table in the so-called Pli-stand with the help of an electrical motor. In the meantime, the client can just stay seated. Place the head section and back section in the desired position via a gas spring without any difficulty. There is a small cut-out in the head section, so the client can lie more comfortably. The treatment tables are developed in cooperation with physical therapists and hospitals, in order that you are guaranteed of professionality and effectivity when working with your client. Do you miss any important specifications? Let your examination table be custom-made, so that your table contributes to your working efficacy.

Electrically adjustable table for treatment Wesseling BV

A professional treatment table needs an alluring cover, stable frame and a seamless upholstery. Furthermore, it needs to be easily adjustable in height. That is why our adjustable tables have a stable, smooth lying surface without any seamed edges that can simply be cleaned with some lukewarm water and soap. Decide for yourself whether you want to adjust your table electrically or hydraulically to adjust the position to the needs of your client. Choose from a wide range of colours and make sure that your treatment table fits in the interior of your practice. Are you curious about the solutions we offer? Contact us, we are more than happy to help you!