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Plaster tables

Plaster tables are useful in hospitals and can be used for different treatments. Because of the vulnerability of the patient, it is necessary to offer him or her as much stability as possible. That is why you will find a convenient monkey-pole and the required knee or leg support that will make your client’s hospital visit a lot more agreeable. Furthermore, our plaster tables are electrically and hydraulically adjustable, which makes it possible to put your client in the right position without the slightest difficulty.

Compact treatment table

Our compact, electric plaster table is perfectly functional as:

  • adjustable treatment table;
  • comfortable examination table.

Use the plaster table for many different treatments in the plaster room due to the flat lying surface with rounded corners and the possibility to adjust the height and individual sections. As a result of the flexibility of the table, you can put the patient in a lying or sitting position by means of a gas spring. Furthermore, the compact table does not take up a lot of space and has a central braking system, so moving it to another room does not pose any problems.

Moveable examination table

The renovated plaster tables of Wesseling BV meet all quality demands and have a sophisticated design that makes all sorts of examinations and treatments possible. Give your client sufficient legroom and make sure that he or she has enough support thanks to the convenient hand grips. The distance between the upper frame and the hand grips always remains the same, even when you change the height or position of the plaster table. In this way, you are able to examine your client thoroughly while retaining the comfort of your patient. Even moving the table to another room will not reduce the contentment of your client, because the central braking system makes every transfer run smoothly. The leg sections and separate parts are individually adjustable, which makes various lying and sitting positions achievable.

Sanitary plaster table

Hygiene is an important aspect of a professional plaster table, because you want to offer your clients a healthy and sanitary treatment. Therefore, our plaster tables are upholstered seamlessly, making the cleaning process easy and effective. Use lukewarm water with soap to get rid off filth. Persistent dirt can be removed with the help of a diluted cleaning agent. Are you thinking about buying a plaster table, but do you want your table to be customized according to your own wishes? All our tables can be custom-made! Furthermore, our products are made in cooperation with specialists. Contact us for more information.