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Height adjustable 5 sections

The five-section treatment tables of Wesseling BV combine practice and aesthetics in various modern models. The treatment tables are particularly suitable for therapy and massages. Due to the five separate sections, the table can be adjusted in almost all positions imaginable. The stylish models are characterized by their simple controlling mechanism and their comfortable lying surface on which every client will immediately feel at ease.

Treatment couch adjustable in height and position

The treatment tables are electrically and hydraulically adjustable in height. Make use of the hand- or foot switch or foot pedals in order to decide which position fits your client best. The central braking system makes it easier to move your table to another room if necessary. Besides the height, the position of the separate sections is adjustable as well. The position of the head section, middle section and bottom section can be changed and even the armrests can be adjusted individually. Decide the most comfortable and relevant position together with your patient, in order that he or she can carry out the given exercises in the best manner possible. Various positions are i.a. the Trendelenburg, the Reverse Trendelenburg and the Pli-stand. From in heigh adjustable treatment tables 1 section till a 6 section.

Electrical treatment table for various purposes

Our treatment tables are, due to their stability and ergonomic design, applicable as:

The treatment couch is equipped with armrests next to the head section that can be adjusted in height. The flat lying surface with rounded corners creates a comfortable surface on which you can carry out your massages or on which your client can do his or her pain relieving exercises.

Wesseling B.V. Specialist in treatment tables

All our examination tables are developed and produced in cooperation with specialists, like doctors, hospitals and physical therapists. That is why you are assured of a professional table including the necessary adjustments if wanted. Wesseling BV offers the opportunity to choose for a custom-made solution for your own practice. In this way, you know for sure that your therapy sessions are effective from now on. Are you curious about the opportunities that we offer? Contact us without any obligations.