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Height adjustable 1 section

The adjustable treatment tables (1-section) are stylish in their simplicity and offer optimal comfort for every patient. They are electrically adjustable and mobile. Thus, you always have enough freedom of movement when treating a patient. Put the treatment table in the right position very easily by adjusting the height with the help of a manual switch or foot pedal. The examination tables have an altitude range of 24-112 cm.

Adjustable treatment table

Our treatment tables are adjustable in height in two ways: hydraulically adjustable with foot pedals and electrically adjustable with manual or foot switch. We have different sections:

  • Heigh adjustable 1 sections
  • Heigh adjustable 2 sections
  • Heigh adjustable 3 sections
  • Heigh adjustable 4 sections
  • Heigh adjustable 5 sections
  • Heigh adjustable 6 sections

Decide what position you want your client to be in and make it happen with the convenient switches. The flat lying surface offers enough comfort and has rounded corners, which makes sure that your client feels at ease during the treatment. Choose from various width sizes and colours and thus, make your treatment table completely fit the needs of your client and your own wishes.

Multifunctional examination or dressing table

Our adjustable examination tables are appropriate for various objectives. For example, they serve as massage tables on which the client can enjoy an agreeable treatment. Thanks to the flat lying surface and rounded corners, you can use the treatment table as a dressing table as well. Because of the thick profiles and round legs the table has an appealing look and feel. Furthermore, the stable frame and extendable leg caps make the adjustable table perfect for therapy. As a result, you do not have to fear that your patient will fall off the table. In the medical practice, the table perfectly functions as an examination table.

Mobile and hygienic treatment table von Wesseling B.V

For doctors and physicians too, the adjustable treatment table offers a solution. All our tables can be provided with a central braking system which enables you to transport the examination table to another area. Besides, sanitary demands have been taken into account as well during the manufacturing of the tables. That is why the tables have been upholstered seamlessly, which means that there are no seamed edges, making the cleaning process easier. The upholstery can be cleaned with a bit of lukewarm water and soap. When the cover has become very dirty, you can use a diluted cleaning agent to wipe away severe stains. Request a quotation or contact us for more information.