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Height adjustable 6 sections

The six-sections treatment table is the most advanced table that you will find in our offer. This treatment couch consists of a head section, three separate sections and two armrests. The individual sections are adjustable in almost every position thinkable, which makes the table particularly appropriate for physical therapy and massages. Choose which sitting or lying position you prefer and adjust it manually.

Multifunctional treatment tables adjustable in height

Our treatment tables serve, among others, as:

Physical therapy is all about exercises that reduce the pain in the muscles, joints and nerves and improve their flexibility to prevent or treat various illnesses. Furthermore, the treatment table serves perfectly as a massage couch. Massages contribute to releasing the muscles and taking away physical and mental tension. The treatment table is electrically as well as hydraulically adjustable in height. Decide which position and height your prefer, so you can carry out your tasks optimally.

Comfortable treatment chairs and tables

A examination table should, above all, offer a comfortable experience to the customer. That is why the table offers a flat lying surface with rounded corners and a thick, comfortable padding of 50 mm. Besides, the table is equipped with a stable frame with extendable leg caps that see to stability in every possible position. Furthermore, the ergonomic controlling mechanism is easy, because of the convenient manual or foot switch and foot pedals. Choose for the upholstery from an extensive range of colours, so that the massage table will fit in the interior of your office.

Treatment tables solutions Wesseling B.V.

The cover of all our adjustable treatment tables has been upholstered seamlessly, in order that you do not have to worry about the cleaning process. Clean the cover with some lukewarm water and soap or an diluted cleaning agent. Profit from honest prices and professionality. Is something wrong with your product? Contact us immediately and we will take care of the problem for you. Wesseling BV customizes treatment tables with Spare Parts, in order that you can use it optimally in your own practice. Request a quotation or contact us if you have a question. We are happy to help you!