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Height adjustable 4 sections

A four-section treatment table offers a lot of opportunities for your massage salon or physical therapy practice. Our examination tables are adjustable in every possible position. The comfortable lying surface has rounded corners and a thick, comfortable padding of 50 mm. Bring a professional tool into your practice with our affordable treatment table to make your training run more smoothly and to help your client more effectively.

Adjustable treatment tables

You will find a lot of adjustable examination tables of various trustworthy brands in the offer of Wesseling BV. The electrical tables of Mondial are characterized by their appealing and ergonomic design. Moreover, a special frame which makes it easy to adjust the separate sections into different positions, like height adjustable tables 1 sectionheight adjustable tables 2 section, height adjustable tables 3 section, height adjustable tables 4 section, height adjustable tables 5 section and in height adjustable tables 6 section.  Praxis Elite is a new model in the Praxis-Line that possesses an altitude range of 42-112 cm and a lifting capacity of 225 kg. The treatment tables of the Practical series are provided with an adjustable head section that can be adjusted by means of a gas spring. We deliver:

  • Therapeutic treatment tables
  • Our treatment tables can serve as a:
  • massage table;
  • physical therapeutic treatment table;
  • osteopathic treatment couch;
  • bobath couch.

The treatment table is an important aspect of therapy, because the table serves as a surface on which the clients’ grievances can be examined. Besides, the patients can use the lying surface to carry out their exercises. Assisting the back during such a therapy session is very important. The most suitable position for your client depends on the specific wishes and needs of the client. Adjust the height easily by means of a manual or foot switch or by using foot pedals in order to help your client optimally. Meanwhile, your patient can just remain seated.

Spare parts treatment tables Wesseling B.V.

A massage may sound as a superfluous luxury, but actually helps reduce backache and other physical complaints. That is why our examination tables are perfectly applicable to your health care salon. Many of the adjustable massage tables we offer are provided with a facial cut-out in the head section, which enables your client to lie comfortably on his or her belly. Choose between various colours and make sure that your massage couch will no only be a functional, but also an appealing addition to your interior. Are you looking for a custom-made solution or do you need advice? Contact us, we are happy to help you!