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Grooming tables

Looking for professional grooming tables? Wesseling BV offers a variety of grooming tables of high quality. We have been a manufacturer of grooming tables and other similar products since 1958. Thanks to our fully automatic production process and the precise inspection of the final products, we are able to guarantee the excellent quality of our groomingtables.

Specialist in grooming tables, plaster tables and more

Wesseling BV is a specialist in grooming tables. We are constantly working on new ideas, we take feedback of our customers very seriously and we always try to use their input to improve our grooming tables and other products. A few of our product categories: 

Constantly changing grooming tables

Some products may seem unchanged, but many grooming tables have in fact changed on small details. We have put stronger engines in our grooming tables which results in less noise. But we have also changed the foot and hand switches. Small changes that you may not see at a glance but will definitely make a difference when working with the grooming tables. Because we take our customers’ feedback seriously, the changes we make to our tables really impact the ease with which the tables can be operated.

Dog grooming table for sale

A professional pet grooming table makes sure the animal will feel at ease so the grooming will be carried out smoothly and effectively. Dogs and cats tend to be a bit stubborn during grooming and even try to walk away. Thanks to the stable underground you have more grip on the pet and are thus able to prevent injuries. What is important to pay attention to when looking for a suitable grooming table for dogs and other pets?

  • size: when dogs of various sizes pass your saloon or veterinary clinic, a large dog grooming table is advisable;
  • space: depending on how big your clinic or saloon is, it is useful to buy two different grooming tables, one for bathing and drying and one exclusively for grooming;
  • traveling: if you are planning on giving demonstrations or travel to clients, a small electric grooming table might be something for you;
  • budget: of course, the amount of money that you have available plays an important role in deciding on which grooming table to buy. Fortunately, we have a lot of affordable dog grooming tables available that will fit perfectly inside your saloon or clinic.

Purchase grooming tables that fit your needs at Wesseling

Purchase grooming tables, height adjustment grooming tables, examination tables or something else. Discover the different grooming tables on our website. There are a lot of different options to choose from. We can deliver an order quickly, even within 24 hours if you are in a hurry. Maybe you are looking for something specific that you cannot find in our catalogue? Please contact us, weare happy to help you find a grooming table that fits your needs.