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Massage table

A good massage table makes your client feel completely at ease and helps you to work effectively. When looking for a table that suits your needs, it is important not to be satisfied too quickly. Wesseling BV would love to help you find an affordable yet professional massage table that fits in your salon or clinic. We give you a few tips to take into consideration during your search. 

How to find a quality massage table UK

When looking for a massage table for sale, you might worry about the quality of the tables you find. Fortunately, an affordable table does not mean that it is inferior in quality. Make sure you ask yourself the following questions:

  • do I want a fixed or portable massage table? A fixed heavy massage table provides stability, whereas a lightweight portable massage table is practical and easily movable. If you tend to travel a lot, a folding massage table might just work for you;
  • how high and wide should my massage table be? Make sure the height and width are adjusted to the height of your clients. A massage table that is too small will result in pain;
  • how comfortable is the padding? Of course, you want to offer your client optimal comfort. To make the experience as agreeable as possible, look at the thickness of the padding. A foam padding does not only add comfort but is also durable.

Accessories for your massage table

Once you have found a heavy or lightweight massage table that fits your needs, you should consider some necessary accessories. 

  • massage table cover: a table cover improves the hygiene of your massage practice and the durability of your massage table;
  • massage table trolley: when you must move around a lot with your massage table, a trolley is no exaggerated luxury. Make sure you find a trolley that is big enough and has a handy wheel mechanism;
  • arm and leg rests: make your client feel at ease during the massage by providing him or her with the right arm and leg support.

Extend the durability of your massage table

A good massage table will last a long time. Make sure you buy a table that is stable and sturdy. With the help of massage table covers, you make sure the surface does not wear out as easily. Besides using covers, there are other ways to look after your massage table:

  • use organic massage oils instead of chemical ones. If the oil comes into contact with the couch, wipe it off as soon as possible;
  • use warm water with a mild soap to clean the upholstery.

Fixed and portable massage tables for various practices

Whether you have your own salon, or you need a foldable massage table to take with you, Wesseling BV has got you covered. We offer massage tables in various sizes and styles, so you will surely find one that suits your practice. Contact us for more information about our products and our custom-made solutions.