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Examination Tables

Looking for examination tables that fit your needs? Wesseling BV is just the partner you need! We have been a manufacturer of examination tables and massage tables of all types for a long time. You will find a whole range of different tables that are adjustable in height. This way it is possible for you to find an examination table that matches all your requirements. And even if you don’t find one readily available, there are a lot of possibilities to adjust a treatment table in such a way that it will suit your needs.

Improvement in examination tables

In our range of products you will find exam tables with varying specifications:

  • from 1-section through 6-section examination tables;
  • hydraulic height adjustment tables;
  • electric height adjustment tables;
  • extra wide tables.

Even though the examination couches haven’t changed their looks a lot over the years, we have made many improvements to our examination tables. You can spot these improvements in the small details, such as stronger engines and new foot or hand switches. All these changes were made to keep up with the modern requirements.

Requirement of medication tables

A medical table should meet strict requirements in order to function properly in hospitals or rehabilitation centres. The most important function of an exam table is to support the patient in a supine, prone or side-lying position during the examination. Whereas the patient should be comfortable, he or she should also be in a fixed position for the examination to be successful. Fortunately, there are lots of exam tables that take these two features into account. Due to the adjustable height it is possible to transfer the patient, for example from wheelchair to the exam table. At the same time, your patient will be comfortable thanks to the soft and steady surface.

Difference between examiantion bed and couch

There is no real difference between an examination bed or couch. The distinction lies in the position of the exam table. The examination bed puts your patient in a lying position, making it easy to examine the entire body. An examination couch enables you to examine the patient in a sitting or Fowler’s position. Thus, you are able to adjust the height in such a way as the examination requires.

Examination tables and more

Aside from a whole range of examination tables, we also have:

Quality examination products

With this wide range of products we can provide you with complete service. Additionally, we aim for our products to constantly be of the best quality possible. This is not only reflected in our automated production, but also our frequent quality checks. Discover our range of examination tables or contact us for further information or to request a quote.