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Treatment table

A treatment table should completely be adjusted to the needs of your patient or client. Of course, these requirements differ per medical practice. Whereas an osteopathic treatment couch is focused on optimizing the position of the spine, a neurological treatment table should be extra wide to enable the patient to roll and turn. Wesseling BV would love to help you find the treatment table that suits your practice and will make your clients feel comfortable.

Massage treatment table

When choosing a massage table, there are a few things to take into consideration:

  • width: your massage bed should be wide enough to fit all shapes and sizes of your clients. Ask for advice if you are not sure what dimensions you should go for;
  • height: a massage table is usually between 60-80 cm. Make sure you choose a treatment table that is adjustable in height, either by foot or by using an electric button;
  • weight: the weight of the massage table is also an important point of attention. If you want to travel with your table, it is recommendable to buy a portable massage table that is lightweight. If you do not want to move your treatment table around a lot, a stable and heavy table might be a better option;
  • fabric quality: leather is a popular material for treatment tables. That is because it has a luxurious appearance and is relatively durable. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean;
  • thickness of the foam: to make sure your client is at ease, a layer of foam is needed. Make sure that the foam is thick enough and of high quality.

What does the treatment table of your dreams cost?

Before starting your search for the perfect treatment table, it is important to determine your budget. Of course, it is important to be realistic. That is why we give you an indication of the prices you can expect when looking at treatment tables:

  • a functioning treatment table costs around £100;
  • a good portable treatment table for frequent travels will be between around £120 and £160;
  • a professional massage table will be £240 or more;
  • portable low-end tables range from £80 to £285;
  • fixed and motorized high-end tables range from £980 to £4.000.

The qualities of a good therapy table

Therapy tables come in various shapes and sizes. When looking for the perfect treatment table for your practice, it is important to find out first what attributes you need for your therapy sessions. A physical therapy treatment table focuses less on comfort than a massage treatment table. Its focus should be on enabling the therapist to manipulate the body and the patient to perform his or her therapeutic exercises correctly. A massage therapy table needs a thick padding that makes the patient feel comfortable and relaxed during the treatment.

Fixed and portable treatment tables

At Wesseling BV you will find various fixed and portable treatment tables that can be used for various practices, such as massage therapy, physical therapy or medical treatment. Find out what treatment table suits you or contact us for more information on our custom-made solutions.