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Gynecologist table

Professional gynecologist tables are necessary in obstetrics to make your clients feel at ease. Therefore, comfort is one of our priorities. The different sections are adjustable separately, whereby various positions are possible. Adjust the height and position by yourself very easily, while your patient can just remain seated. Do not worry about the stability of the table. Due to the firm frame and the extendable leg caps, the treatment table remains upright, no matter what position you put it in.

Chiropractic procedure or examination

Gynecology focuses on the grievances about the female genital parts. Our treatment tables serve within this field as:

Move the table to another space easily with the help of the central braking system and adjust the height by means of the manual or foot switch or via the foot pedals.

Lithotomy position

An internal examination is not a very agreeable experience for women. Make sure that she is at ease by buying a functional examination table. The most pleasant position for women is called the lithotomy position. The woman can place her legs in the rests that are designed for this. Thus, you can carry out a reliable examination. The Optimus Kombi is completely adjusted to this position. Next to the leg and heel support, the table is provided with a cut-out, making it particularly appropriate for chiropractic procedures.

Gynecologist table for sale

When looking for a gynaecologist exam table, you want a table that fits your needs and, at the same time, falls within your budget. Fortunately, Wesseling BV has lots of gynaecologist tables for sale that offer the same amount of quality that you would expect from other examination tables. Are you not sure about which exam table you should choose? Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can tell you everything you need to know about the attributes of our different tables. Also make sure you look at a gynaecologist table review before making a purchase. The opinions of others might just give you that bit of extra information that convinces you to choose a certain gynaecologist examination table and leave the other.

Custom-made treatment table

An important aspect of gynecologist treatment tables is of course hygiene. To simplify the cleaning process, the table is upholstered seamlessly, making sure there are no troublesome seamed edges. Clean the cover with lukewarm water and soap or use a diluted cleaning agent. Choose from a variety of 170 colours and 5 sorts of leather, in order that your table will fit into your interior. Do you have any special wishes? Let your table be custom-made and determine for yourself how big your table must be and decide on other specifications as well. In this way, you can be sure that your gynaecologist exam table fits all your needs. Contact us for more information, we are more than happy to help you!