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Height adjustable 2 sections

A two-section treatment table makes hospital visits agreeable. Give your client or patient the possibility to take a comfortable position in which he or she feels at ease. The flat surface has rounded corners and a comfortable padding of 50 mm, which prevents your client from hurting him- or herself. That is why our examination tables are appropriate for various practices. Use the table in your physical therapeutic practice, in your massage salon or in the hospital.

Electrically adjustable tables for different purposes

Electrically adjustable treatment tables are for different purposes.The special frame of our two-section treatment table Mondial 2 is adjustable in almost every desired position. Decide for yourself which position is the best for your client: the Trendelenburg, the Reverse Trendelenburg or the Pli-stand. Because of the many possibilities, the treatment table can be used as:

  • physical therapeutic treatment table;
  • examination table in a hospital;
  • massage table.

In the position of Trendelenburg, your patient lies on his or her back and his or her legs lie higher than the heart. When you put your client into the Pli-stand, the legs as well as the head lie in a low position. The waist is in a higher spot. In the Reverse Trendelenburg position, the legs are lower than the rest of the body. Because of the many possible positions, the adjustable examination table is especially suitable for physical therapists or osteopaths.

Examination tables adjustable for echocardiography

The adjustable examination table is indispensable in a hospital as well. The Eco 2 and Eco 2 Echo are electrically adjustable and have wheels, which makes them easily transportable from one room to another. The central braking system makes sure that all wheels stop simultaneously. Both models are provided with a facial cut-out in the head-section. The special head section makes the Eco 2 Echo function perfectly as an ECHO-table. The cut-out can be filled with a plug that will be fixated on the back side of the head-section, so other treatments are possible as well.

Hygienic treatment table Wesseling BV

The treatment table is electrically as well as hydraulically adjustable. Give your client the comfort that he or she wishes and deserves. Furthermore, do not worry about cleaning the upholstery. The table is seamlessly upholstered, which means that there are no seamed edges. Clean the cover with lukewarm water and soap or with a diluted cleaning agent. Do you want more information about our offer or the possibilities of our custom-made solutions? Contact Wesseling B.V. without any obligations. We are more than happy to help you!