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Linak control box

Linak control box connects various control units with actuators, so that the movements can be executed perfectly. Linak is a reliable brand that produces control boxes, linear and dual actuators, lifting columns and controls. The family company was founded in 1907 and is since then known worldwide for its high quality and technical and innovative solutions. Profit from professional quality and buy your Linak products at Wesseling BV.

Control box for Linak motor

The Linak control box offers the ultimate solution for your actuators. The box translates all signals from the control unit into a perfectly executed movement. When you connect the control box to one of the motors, you are sure of an optimal linkage. Thus, the motor of your treatment table or chair will run smoothly and fast, making sure that you can offer your patient a professional treatment. Furthermore, the control box can attach several accessories to the system. Think for example of foot switches and hand switches, extra batteries or an electricity cable. The control boxes of Linak are elegant, yet simple enough to connect them by yourself very easily. Do you still have difficulty using the box? Do not hesitate to contact us, because we are more than happy to help you!

Reliable Linak products

Linak offers custom-made solutions for every kind of practice. That is why the Linak products in our assortment are perfectly suitable for your practice or office. You will find various reliable products of Linak at Wesseling BV:

  • motor;
  • actuator for Linak motor;
  • control box for Linak motor;
  • foot switches and hand switches;
  • extra batterie;
  • cables.

The foot switches and hand switches provide an easy way of adjusting your treatment chair or table in the right position. By adjusting the height of your medical table, you can adapt it to your own medical practice, making sure that you can carry out your treatments in the best way possible. Due to the Linak control box, these adjustments are made possible.

Linak control box for a productive therapy session

The fast Linak motors are a great addition to every medical practice. Thanks to the Linak control box, you can always profit from the advantages of an electric therapy table in your practice and make each therapy session more productive. Do you have questions about our Linak products? Contact us for more information. We are happy to assist you.