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Dog grooming tables

Dog grooming tables offer the dogs in your veterinary practice or grooming salon security and comfort. Make sure that the dogs in your salon do not run away but stay in place by using an anti-slip top layer of our tables. A flat surface and stable frame make the task of grooming a lot easier and more agreeable for you and the dog that you are taking care of. Make the visit to your office a more pleasant one by offering your dog and its owner a professional yet personal approach. Choose for professional quality with our electric dog grooming table, manufactured in cooperation with specialists.

Electrically adjustable dog grooming table

An electric dog grooming table gives you more freedom of movement, because you can decide the height for yourself. Adapt the height of the table to the needs of your animal patient and make sure that you can move freely. Use a hand or a foot switch to change the height to the desired position. Choose from a variety of electric and hydraulic grooming tables:

  • Stabilo Compact electric without wheels;
  • Stabilo Original electric with wheels;
  • Stabilo Super electric with wheels;
  • Stabilo Elite electric with wheels.

The Stabilo Super and Compact both have a singular mechanism as a result of which the table will not swerve when moving it up and down.

Stable table for grooming

Stability is an important aspect of a qualitative grooming table. After all, a shaky table will not give you enough grip and can be dangerous, because the dog can fall off the surface. That is why all dog grooming tables in our offer have a rigid frame and individually extendable legs, making sure that the table always retains its stability, even on rough floors. The Stabilo Original is double-braced, which makes the table very strong and reliable. Furthermore, a lot of our models can be used with or without wheels. Due to the central braking system, the electric dog grooming table can be transported quite easily, all the while remaining in balance. Furthermore, the wheels are all brought to a halt simultaneously.

Quality dog grooming tables for sale UK

When looking for a suitable pet grooming table, you probably have a certain budget in mind that you do not want to exceed. Fortunately, Wesseling BV often has dog grooming tables for sale in the UK. The grooming tables for sale are not inferior in quality but offer the same kind of qualities as our other dog grooming equipment. If you want to be sure about the quality of our equipment, check out our dog grooming tables reviews. In this manner, you can form an honest and sensible judgment about our products.

Fully equipped pet grooming tables for dogs

A good grooming table should meet certain requirements in order to work effectively. Some elements you should look for in a pet grooming table:

  • dog grooming harness: a harness helps your pet to stay in the right position; 
  • adjustability: with an adjustable salon table you can put the tabletop in your own preferred position. Choose between hydraulic and electric grooming tables. A hydraulic grooming table can be adjusted by foot, whereas an electric grooming table uses an electric motor mechanism;
  • grooming table arms: these metallic bars control the movement of your pet while grooming and provide stability

Custom-made electric grooming table

All dogs are different and need to be taken care of in a different manner. That is why it is important to buy a dog grooming table that suits your trimming salon and is adapted to your own working method. Thus, you can meet the specific demands of all dogs and owners that visit your practice. Do you want to buy a custom-made electric dog grooming table? Wesseling BV sells dog grooming tables in the UK that are entirely adjusted to your needs. Contact us for more information about our custom-made solutions.