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Praxis 4 Comfort Elite

The new Praxis 4 Comfort Elite has a special integrated tray system and therefor a unique table. Both drawers are made…
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The new Praxis 4 Comfort Elite has a special integrated tray system and therefor a unique table. Both drawers are made of steel and fitted with sturdy drawer slides. The two-way slides of German origin are of very high quality and ensure that the drawers will work for years without any problems. When purchasing, you must choose which side the drawers can be opened to. To make this clear you can use the image that has been added.

The new larger drawers have a size of 57x47x15cm, which means that, for example, a set of leg rests can be stored in them.

Because of the well-balanced upholstery the patient is always comfortably on the table whether it sits or lies. Even in sitting position the feet will not hang over but are well supported.

There are more than 80 colors and 3 types of artificial leather available. For specifications and various properties please click here.

If you have any questions regarding the colors, features or cleaning you can contact us at any time.




Praxis 4 Comfort

Product code


Lifting capacity (kg)


Safe working load (kg)


Height Adjustment electric(cm)

60 – 130

Height Adjustment hydraulic(cm)

72 – 116

Duration height adjustment (sec)


Adjustable sections


Head section (in °)

0 to +80

Back section (in °)

0 to +85

Feet section (in °)

-85 to +35

Braking system


Castors (Ø in mm)


Length (cm)


Width (cm)


Thickness upholstery (mm)


Barswitch-system Praxis Elite

For the Praxis Elite we have developed a completely new and unique bar-switch system. All technology is hidden in the round feet of the frame. On both sides of the table are gray tubes between the legs with which you can adjust the height of the table. So you do not suffer from a switch and cord lying on the ground and can adjust to the table on each side . By choosing this option the standard hand- or foot switch will be dropped.

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Paper roll holder Praxis

The paperrolholder for the Praxis and Praxis Elite. This holder can take rolls up to 60cm wide. Because the holders is mounted on the head- / backsections the paper goes up and down with the moving section. In this way there is no unnecessary paper usage.

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Nose hole

If you offen treat patient whilst they are laying on their belly in could be usefull to use the optional cut-out in the head-section. The plug to fill the cut-out is standard with this option.

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Neck Pillow large

Massage (neck) pillow with a length of 58cm. Can be upholstered in any color. This cushion is equipped with Velcro and can be placed almost anywhere.

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Special width Prax (80cm)

Special width for the Praxis, Eco en Kombi, 80cm instead of the standard 64cm.

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Special width (70cm)

Special width 70cm, option for the Eco, Praxis Elite, Premium, Aristo, Basix, Mondial en de Rock.

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Thicker upholstery 70mm

Thicker upholstery, 70mm instead of 50mm.

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A layer of memoryfoam is placed between the standard foam and the leather. The result is a thicker and softer opholstery.

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Adapters for arm/feet/leg supports

The adapters are required to be able to use the different supports. This holders can be moved back and forwards and therefore the supports can always be palced in the correct position. When the adapters are not in use they can be pushed away under the upholstery. The following supports can be used in combination with the adapters: - Footrests - Stir-ups - Kneesupports - Armrests - Infusion Holder.

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Set Leg supports

The leg supports have white plastic leg scales which are easy to clean. The leg supports are adjustable in height and depth in the chrome adapters and due to the bend in the chrome stand is the leg support also adjustable in width. The leg supports can be used only in combination with the adapters (ADAPT00).

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Set feet supports

The footrests are fitted with rubber, non-slip handles. This causes the feet to be placed comfortably and stable on the supports. The footrests can be used only in combination with the adapters (ADAPT00).

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Stirrups (set)

These chromed stir-ups ensure a good sitting position because the feet can be placed further away. These supports can only be used together with the adapters (ADAPT00).

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The armrest is made of PU and therefore very easy to clean. The armrest is adjustable in height and depth in the adapters, and due to the bend in the chrome stand is the armrest also adjustable in width. The armrests can be used only in combination with the adapters (ADAPT00).

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Side-bars that can be folded downwards.

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Footswitch Hanning (air)

Pneumatic footswitch Hanning.

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Handswitch Hanning (air)

Handswitch Hanning pneumatic with magnet.

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Big castors

Extra big castors. 

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Panel under headsection

4 button control panel from Linak which is attached under the headsection. Only works in combination with T-stuk Linak.

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Connector for extra switch

Connector to attach extra swtich.

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Cable for earth potential

Cable of 3 meter for earth potential settlement point, only works in combination with (AARDP00). This option is very useful in intracardiac procedures.

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Earth potential

Earth potential settlement point is mounted on the frame for draining for the discharge of leakage current and static electricity. Only works in combination with (KABELAARD).


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