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Aristo fast

The Aristo is a very strong and rigid tilt-table. Because of two powerfull motors the couch can go up and…
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The Aristo is a very strong and rigid tilt-table. Because of two powerfull motors the couch can go up and down and the angle of the upper-frame can be adjusted to 90 v. This special version is equipped with a very special engine package. This tilts the table almost 50% faster than the standard Aristo. A full motion from 0 ° to 90 ° takes about 30 seconds, to complete. The tilt down is also only 30 seconds. This table is only available with battery.

Even if the table is at an angle of 90° state it is very stable. This is because the additional wheels are placed far from each other. The wheels have a diameter of 125mm and are all individual braked.

The Aristo comes with 3 belt-cushions. Herewith the patient can be secured to the table, so the table can be adjusted in every angle from 0° to 90°. In what angle the table is positioned can be seen on the protractor that is mounted on the side of the table.

The head-section is adjustable in any desired position by a gasspring. De foottrays are individually adjustable in 6 positions. In position 6 the foottrays are completely folded downwards.

There are more than 170 colors and 5 types of artificial leather available. For specifications and various properties please click here. In the configurator you can make a choice and then see an example.

If you have any questions regarding the colors, features or cleaning you can contact us at any time.





Mondial 2


Product code



Lifting capacity (kg)



Safe working load (kg)



Height Adjustment electric(cm)



Height Adjustment hydraulic(cm)



Duration height adjustment (sec)



Adjustable sections



Head section (in °)

-20   +75


Back-/body section (in °)

-25   +75


Braking system



Castors (Ø in mm)



Length (cm)



Width (cm)



Thickness upholstery (mm)



Paper roll holder for Aristo

The paperrolholder for the Aristo. This holder can take rolls up to 60cm wide. Because the holders is mounted on the head- / backsections the paper goes up and down with the moving section. In this way there is no unnecessary paper usage.

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Working platte for Aristo adjustable

In height, depth and corner adjustable working plate for the Aristo. Workingsheet consisting of Chrome frame with wooden top.

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Armrest Aristo

Armrest Aristo adjustable, PU armrests, with adjustable handgrips.


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Adjustable working plate

In height and depth adjustable working plate for the Aristo.

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Set handgrips Aristo

Set handgrips for the Aristo, only adjustable in height (also holder for working plate).

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Footplate 1-section for Aristo

Footplate for the Aristo, this version consists of 1 part.

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Footrest for fixation feet on footboard

Footrest for fixation feet on the footboard of the Aristo. Size: 329x125/158cm.

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Fixation belt 240x8cm

Fixation belt with velcro for fixing the patient to the treatment table. This version of the belt has a size of 240x8 cm.

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Fixation belt 180x8cm

Fixation belt with velcro for fixing the patient to the treatment table. This version of the belt has a size of 180x8 cm.

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Belt cushion

Belt cushion for fixation belt, offers extra comfort.

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Nose hole

If you offen treat patient whilst they are laying on their belly in could be usefull to use the optional cut-out in the head-section. The plug to fill the cut-out is standard with this option.

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Neck Pillow large

Massage (neck) pillow with a length of 58cm. Can be upholstered in any color. This cushion is equipped with Velcro and can be placed almost anywhere.

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Special width (70cm)

Special width 70cm, option for the Eco, Praxis Elite, Premium, Aristo, Basix, Mondial en de Rock.

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A layer of memoryfoam is placed between the standard foam and the leather. The result is a thicker and softer opholstery.

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Loose Linak battery

Battery for Linak Jumbo-pack.

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Additional foot switch

Linak footswitch, 24v, 1 function with telephone cable. Only in combination with connector

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Thicker upholstery 70mm

Thicker upholstery, 70mm instead of 50mm.

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Earth potential

Earth potential settlement point is mounted on the frame for draining for the discharge of leakage current and static electricity. Only works in combination with (KABELAARD).


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Cable for earth potential

Cable of 3 meter for earth potential settlement point, only works in combination with (AARDP00). This option is very useful in intracardiac procedures.

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